Look no further.  We're not the only dental practice in town, but we're committed to being the best.  Keep reading to find out how we continually create 5-Star dental experiences for all of our valued patients, and why Royal Dental is one of the Top 5 Tricare Dental Offices in Central Texas!

It starts with our people.

Meet Jenn (Dr. Phillips) - she's not what you would consider as a 'typical dentist' - having spent much of her childhood working on a pig farm with her brothers and sisters.  That experience taught her that while life can be tough, a good sense of humor can make all the difference.  We guarantee she will make you laugh, and set you at ease - because she gets it - going to the dentist isn't all that fun for most people.

Our other dentist is Dr. Phillips' husband, Pace (Dr. Plant).  Although he did not have the 'privilege' of working on a pig farm as a kid, he still learned the importance of working hard, and playing hard.  While he can't hold a candle to Dr. Phillip's humor, his laid back personality helps his patients relax and feel at home, even in a dental chair.  On the side, he proudly serves in the Air Force Reserves.  Dr. Phillips and Dr. Plant make a one-of-a-kind team that offer our patients a unique blend of personalities and clinical abilities that you won't find anywhere else.


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