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Great question!  It’s one we get a lot.  Unlike services provided by other business (like oil changes), a tooth extraction can be a relatively complicated surgical procedure (we’re not trying to scare you I promise).  For that reason we actually need to evaluate your tooth (and it’s owner) prior to providing exact pricing for the procedure(s) necessary to get it out.  Don’t worry, insurance generally covers a decent portion of the cost and if you don’t have insurance we offer a problem focused exam for only $25.

We our very proud of our great deal for a full exam (including x-rays) and routine cleaning for only $89.

YES!  We offer a couple of options to get your teeth all sorts of pearly white.  We can get you custom trays and gel to take home or do a super fast chairside appointment for immediate stunning results.  Call to find out about current specials we may be running.

Absolutely!  We do these on a regular basis with great outcomes.  Dentures and partials are generally the fastest and most affordable way to replace multiple missing teeth.  We can also make temporary partials if you need something to hold you over until you get something more ideal and functional, like a bridge or implant.

Yup!  If you’ve had braces before and need refinement, or just want to close gaps or straighten some crowded teeth INVISALIGN is a great way to quickly and easily get all your ducks back in a row.  There are sooo (extra o’s on purpose) many health benefits to having properly aligned teeth – the fact that they look better too is just icing on the cake!

If you have a typical employer sponsored dental plan (PPO) then there’s about a 99.99% chance that we accept it.  We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare Plans.  And because insurance can be confusing (and frustrating) we will help you confirm coverage, deductables, etc. prior to starting any treatment so that there are no surprises ;).

We really try to get our patients out of pain ASAP or provide other same day care and we are pleased to say that THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE TIME we are able to do this, but because we may be completely booked, we cannot absolutely guarantee it.  

Don’t worry, be sedated!  Dentistry and medicine have come a long way and in this day and age there is no reason to struggle with dental anxiety or dental phobia.  We can provide different prescription medications prior to your appointment to help with anxiety.  Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) is also very safe and effective to reduce anxiety of kids and adults alike.

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